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HAIKU, of Sorts


There are three things untouchable:
          A child's laugh
          A swan flying over a frozen lake
          A heart breaking

There are two things imponderable:
          The other side of death
          Awe in the eyes of a wolf

There is one thing unreachable:
          The depth of love

And yet:
          We seek to grasp it
          And trust less
          As wonder diminishes


There are three things of impenetrable mystery:
          That we exist
          That we experience existence
          That we know it

There are two things of wonder:
          A mandolin accompanying a flute
          Fog on the horizon

There is one thing we cannot know:
          That limit of unquenchable desire

And yet:
          Without seeking
          We arrive
          By removing obstacles


There are three things creating awe:
          Snow falling through dancers at a fire
          Red throated flickers drinking from an icycle
          Shadows illuminating hidden grass

There are two things emerging out of silence:
          Morning sunlight flowing down a canyon
          Rabbit tracks under a piñon tree

There is one thing unattainable:
          Perfect balance

And yet:
          By releasing
          We fly
          Into the Source


There are three things to be trusted:
          Being pushed away by a lover
          A wound that will not heal
          A word that pierces

There are two things inviolable:
          Corn pao feeding a bundle
          A vow by a person of integrity

There is one thing pure:
          An impeccable act without attachment

And yet:
          Over the edge
          Is a net
          Held by two eagles


There are three things puzzling:
          Sand in a cupped hand sifting away
          Amazement without explanation
          Heavy sounds of a large bird beating the air

There are two things aggravating:
          A formidable answer that doesn't satisfy
          Floating details without a web

There is one thing unending:
          The Book of Life of the People

And yet:
          We walk in light
          As a deer
          Assessing shadows


There are three things of amazing beauty:
          A butterfly in repose during a raging storm
          A child watching the moon rise
          A footprint gently filling with snow

There are two things that overcome fear:
          A pool of flowers in a deep forest
          A friend who walks besides you

There is one vision of inestimable power:
          A whisper spoken to an advancing army

And yet:
          We stand humbly
          As the sea
          Sculpts the sand


There are three nagging questions:
          Why should I struggle?
          Why grasp the past?
          Why not step into the river?

There are two good ways to set out on a journey:
          See the end before you start
          Be there already

There is one action that always finds treasure:
          Stop digging for difficulty

And yet:
          A crow
          Is always talking
          In the East


There are three things that induce understanding:
          Observing how the day becomes night
          Knowing the inside of your own face
          Experiencing the sun warming the soil

There are two things that bring healing:
          Standing in a meadow hearing the river
          Realizing the entire universe is in your own backyard

There is one enduring way of respect:
          Walking gently on the earth

And yet:
          A blue heron
          Watches in silence
          To catch fish


There are three circus acts to applaud:
          Siamese twins discoursing on the unity of all things
          A bearded fat lady on a high wire
          A clown in a business suit

There are two realities that defy explanation:
          Immaculate conception by komono dragons
          Forgiveness in the midst of righteious pain

There is one act that unites heaven and earth:
          A newborn laid on the chest of a dying elder

And yet:
          A venomous snake
          By grabbing its tail in its mouth
          Becomes eternity

Copyright © 2011 James Lawer

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