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The Woman in White Marble

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The Girl in the Silver Mask

by Dale Rominger

ISBN-10: 1532011245
ISBN-13: 978-1532011245
ISBN-10: 1532011253
ISBN-13: 978-1532011252

The Girl in the Silver Mask is available in hardcover, paperback and eBook for Kindle (also Kindle for Android and iPad - click Kindle for Android), the Nook, Sony Reader, etc. The book can be purchased at the following:
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 Dale Rominger Books

Drake Ramsey has moved to New Orleans, having fallen hard for the brilliant and beautiful Zuri Manyika. He is basking in the success of his first novel and spends his days in the Treme Coffeehouse contemplating a sequel. His horizons expand when his new friend, Adam Boateng, relays stories of life in early New Orleans that strongly hint he may have been there himself. Drake invites his old buddy, the intrepid Gerard Schleiermacher, to join them for Halloween, and they look forward to experiencing New Orleans at its most outrageous.

Their world is shaken when they learn that Zuri’s old Zimbabwean adversary has escaped from prison. Then Adam becomes a suspect in a murder. Is he guilty? Or was it the escaped prisoner, who is still seeking to avenge the death of his son at Zuri’s hands? Or perhaps the voodoo priest who dabbles in blood sacrifice? Bayous and beignets interweave with second lines and cemetaries as Drake, Zuri, and Gerard risk their lives in pursuit of the truth. Oh, and maybe there’s a vampire.

Of course, Drake discovers the killer. That’s just what he does.

Bayous and beignets, second lines and graveyards: it’s Halloween in New Orleans. There’s been a murder. Drake Ramsey is on the case.


Dale Rominger


Dale Rominger has been an educator, speaker, consultant, and writer. He has traveled extensively worldwide assisting in development projects and creating educational and exposure programs with international partners. Now retired, he lives in Seattle with his wife, Roberta, reading, writing, managing his website, and cooking. This is his fifth book.





Recent Reviews

I just finished this second book in the Drake Ramsey series and I thought it even better than the first! There was of course further character development for Drake and Zuri, and we are introduced to some new folks who I hope to see more of in the future. In addition to a delightful story of love, friendship, revenge and courage, the book has a mystery within a mystery, revealed in the final pages. Clues to this second mystery are found throughout the narrative but I didn't catch them until the end ... see if you can figure it out! This is a fun book for summer reading during vacation travels and I recommend it highly.
{By Kevin C. Brown on March 28, 2017}

Dale Rominger’s latest installment in the Drake Ramsey series, The Girl in the Silver Mask, is a colorful modern-day New Orleans mystery pinned in historical truths that can be traced as far back as the origins of the slave trade and the Louisiana colonial era.

From the funky coffee house culture to the jazz ethos, from the wild revelry of the Halloween streets to the voodoo backrooms, Rominger infuses his storyline with authentic threads of a dark undercurrent that seems fated to bring past and present together. It is the attention to the realism of the setting, the carefully crafted multi-sensory exposure—clearly owing to Rominger’s own experience and a wealth of research— that broadens the narrative and very effectively gives the mystery plotline added layers of depth. It is a story that succeeds in entertaining while it enlightens; a story that ties racially-charged events in America’s past to a post-Katrina Louisiana, with its yet ongoing lines of divide. The result is a well-wrought tale of suspense and intrigue.

Drake Ramsey is an enterprising and likable lead, a larger-than-life personality called from his writerly and journalistic roots into investigative action when a revenge plot threatens the life of the woman he loves, gutsy Loyola University professor Zuri Manyika, and the life of their unborn child. The other characters, too, are diverse and engaging, a dynamic and well-developed support to carry the story convincingly through to its surprising conclusion. I found the dimension of faith, and the parallels drawn between certain tenets of Christianity and voodoo, both fascinating and compelling. Rominger has artfully drawn on real-world circumstances, happenings, figures and truths to create a pacey and compulsively readable page-turner of a story. Crafted around a Halloween night murder and the search that then ensues for the shadowy killer kept me curious and guessing until the very end. But in addition to that, The Girl in the Silver Mask had me longing for fresh beignets and café au lait, summoning chilling thoughts of deserted bayous, imagining the distinctive and spirited sounds of Louisiana’s jazz brass, and shivering at the prospect of a centuries-old hatred somehow aligning itself with the present.

I purchased the paperback version of The Girl in the Silver Mask.
{Julie Mann}

I hate book reviews that contain spoilers. After reading The Girl In The Silver Mask, however, I can understand why it can be extremely difficult to write a review without including some spoilers. It is very hard to express why I think this is a great book without revealing too much.
Do not worry, I will not give anything away.
This sequel to the Woman In White Marble takes the main character Drake Ramsey, to an entirely new level. There is a great deal of information about New Orleans and the history of slaves in that area that was new to me and only added to the interest of the story.
There are some amazing plot twists that makes this a page turner.

Anyone who enjoys a well written story with a mix of history, Mystery, fantasy, and suspense needs to read this book.
{Richard Turner}

There aren't too many books that combine comment on the history of slavery, the politics of Zimbabwe, insights into tourist experience in New Orleans, a detective novel, and the mysterious. So this was a first for me. The highly-caffeinated hero relies on the courage and abilities of his band of amigos to reach a resolution, which I found quite appealing. I'd sussed out one of the plot twists fairly early on, but that didn't detract from my reading pleasure. I kept wanting to know what happened next, which is the sign of a good read.

Another excellent entertainment from Dale Rominger, and a worthy successor to 'The woman in white marble'. The plot development kept me gripped, and the metaphysical sleight of hand at the end was satisfying. OK, Dale, now I'm ready for the next one - no pressure!
{P.W. Skerratt}