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David Bromwich

We don't defend the right to publish offensive words because we think the author well-meaning. The point is that we distrust the ambition of those who would take away the right more than we distrust the character of those who write or speak recklessly

{David Bromwich, "What are we allowed to say?", London Review of Books, Vol 38, No 18, 22 September 2016}

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Absolute Sunset

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Dis-Ease: Living with Prostate Cancer

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Plod On, Sleepless Giant

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Money for Everyone

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Sex Versus Survival

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Relatively Religious

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SpainThe Back Road Café is for people who like to write and like to read. In cafés around the world individuals sit over coffee thinking, reading, writing and watching the day go by. Groups of people converse, debate, laugh and set the world to rights. The Back Road Café is a place where people can think, write and converse.

This virtual café is where I share some of my own thoughts and work. Café Talk is my personal blog. Books is where you can find descriptions of books I and others have published. In Nonfiction and Fiction I will include a wide range of my writing.

The Back Road Café is not, however, just for me. In The Back Road Journal you are invited to submit your own work to share with others. If you are interested click Guidelines in The Back Road Journal to your left. Or, if you have a blog you would like to link to this site let me know in Contact in the main menu. In Back Road Blogs there are pictures and descriptions of other bloggers and their links. The site also features regular postings you will find in the Left Sidebar.

On Monday of each week I will post new material so read What's New below to see what the week offers.

The Back Road Café is unapologetically liberal and progressive.

Dale Rominger 

                                 What's New


Dale Rominger

I've entitled my Café Talk blog this week Writing in the Labyrinth of Cultural Appropriation. My new book, The Krewe of Boo Murder, should be available in three or four months and I thought it was time to tackle the difficult subject of cultural appropriation. The thing is this. Of my main and minor characters, five are black. I’m white. Two are female. I’m male. Two are Zimbabwean. I’m American. Thank God none of them are gay. I'm straight. So, what do you think? Am I in trouble?

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Terry OakleyThe Back Road Café is pleased to welcome an old friend, Terry Oakley. Terry has written a poem entitled Let it be... Terry is retired and active. He is married and have three daughters and three grandchildren and lives in Leighton Buzzard, UK, but was born and brought up in the Northeast of England near Newcastle. Terry loves gardening, singing, writing, reading (especially science fiction), and drinking wine. He considers himself to be a radical Christian, open to wherever truth leads.

For more information about Let it be... click here.
To visit Terry's website, Quodlibetto, click here.



Kenton CrowtherKenton Crowther is a British author who has written several ebooks which are available from Amazon. These include the vampire novel Easy Blood, which will be featured in the future. However, this week we have a short story from Kenton entitled As Far as the Purple Door. Purple Door is a new story about the main character in Easy Blood. If you’re wondering what it is about, get this first line: “There was a mixture of ordinary citizens and vampire residents at the boarding house, but for now Eric Vauclare, the newly reincarnated King Bat, had been socialising with neither type.” I think you should give it a try.

To read Purple Door, click here.

Go to www.kentoncrowther.com for all things Crowther.
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Joy LennickThis week our featured book is entitled My Gentle War by Joy Lennick. War is a m

emoir of an important time in history. Separated in World War 11 from her parents - with her father serving in the Royal Air Force abroad and her mother working in munitions - she finds herself living on a mountain in Wales with her two brothers. It is a world away from the cosy environment of her home in Dagenham Essex. There’s a strong feeling of ‘place’ and the times in MY GENTLE WAR.

For more information about My Gentle War click here


Tess Rosa Ruiz

Tess was originally from Montana but now lives in Seattle. Her debut book, Freefall Into Us, is a collection of short stories and poetry published by Urbane Publications in the United Kingdom. This is a great book, which I really enjoyed, and will be featured in

The Café in the weeks ahead. But his week we are featuring one of the short stories from the book called Gone Awry. This is an excellent longish short story and I encourage you to settle back and enjoy the read.

To read Gone Awry click here.
To visit Tess's website click here.

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                   Short Fiction at the Café

  {All Short Fiction can be found in Fiction in the main Menu.}


Kata MlekOrdinary Life by Kata Mlek
What does it mean to always want an ordinary life?



Lionel NtasanoRecipe for an Escape by Lionel Ntasano

The death of a father leads a young man on a journey of identity and the discovery of a new home.



Gabrielle BarnbyJeopardy by Gabrielle Barnby.

Two couples meet at the train station on a hot Australian day. Liza and Delia board a train for Sydney and through conversations and memories things change forever.



E.J. Willis

A Short Tale from Falyncia: Refugees by E.J. Willis 



A story of fantasy, sword fights, kingdoms to conquer, a strong heroine, and protagonists you can love and antagonists to hate.


M.P McVeyThe Dark, Troubled Ground by M.P McVey.


There certainly is a strange sort of magic in Tucker, Ohio. It seeps out of the grass and flowers, traveling through the trees and the two rivers that trap this small town; a supernatural air of mystery. 


 TDale Romingerhe Poetry of Being Human by Dale Rominger

Love, political strife, and the power of language in a story of two people meeting and falling in love in a the hothouse that was Central America in the mid 1980’s.

 Martha Goes to Paris by Dale Rominger

 A satirical look at George W. Bush’s America. Over dinner Martha tells George she wants to visit Paris with her friend Peggy. Things will never be the same for either of them.    


                                        In the Archives



Roberta RomingerWhatever Next? by Roberta Rominger's. Roberta shares book reviews and thoughts concerning contemporary church life in the U.S. and beyond.

The link to Whatever Next? is located in the left sidebar or to go directly to the page click here.


James Lawer

Writings by James Lawer includes Jim's poetry and essays. 

All the links to James' writing are located in the left sidebar. Or to go directly to his poetry click here, his essays click here. 

Also, click here to visit James' website Earth-Centered Healing and Spirituality in New York City.


Kevin Brown 


A Dialogue with Dietrich: In Search of Church by Kevin Brown.

All links to A Dialogue are located in the left sidebar, or to go directly to Kevin's essay click here.


Gayle Madison

Soul Desire by Gayle Madison is a collection of reflections on love and the sacred nature of ordinary experience.


All links to Soul Desire are in the left sidebar, but to access the reflections directly click here.


Phil Nevard

Little Things Please Little Minds by Phil Nevard. A motorcycle pilgrimage through Northern Ireland with a helmet cam, a camera and a notebook.

All links to Little Things Please Little Minds  are in the left sidebar, but to go directly Phil's blog and photos click here.





Wilbert Sayimani

Jekanyika: Always Looking for a Home by Wilbert Sayimni.Jekanyika is a Shona word that can roughly be translated into English as “A person who does not settle in one place.” Here are Wilbert’s thoughts  as he left Zimbabwe and “settle” in England.

All links to Jekanyika are in the left sidebar, but to go directly to Wilbert's reflections click here.


Mike WalshMondrian and the Pursuit of Perfection by Mike Walsh. Reflections on the art of Mondrian.


All links to Mondrian are in the left sidebar, but to go directly










I begin this week's Café Talk, Gotta Keep Smiling, with these words: "It’s interesting how sometimes disparate events in your life come together to affect significant change. Sometimes it feels as if change has been let loose upon rational constraints  rendering the future more ambiguous than we would like to think it is." So the question is, what does a restaurant, a clinical nurse specials and a home study have on common?

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