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See the End of Wisdom

See the end of wisdom
Watch the salmon die
Villagers are slaughtered
When your drones are flying by.

Watch the elders vanish
See it on your screen
Keep your polished distance
Where your drones are being seen.

Give each child a number
When they dare ask "Why?"
Shame their curiosity
When your drones are flying by.

Every word one whispers
Every sentence, every sigh
Is recorded in Australia
For the drones out in the sky.

Pretend your brain's encrypted
And none can see you cry
Though your life was long recorded
Once the drones were in the sky.

Now the snow has fallen
The world is hushed and dry
The pride of war is swollen
With the drones up in the sky.

I'll sing to all my lovers
And the gifts they lay near by
I'll freely laud their beauties
Though the drones are in my sky.

I'll sing my heart in prison
I'll sing in soldiers' files
I'll sing to their amusement
While their drones are in my sky.


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