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Making the Case for Innocence

by April Higuera

ISBN-10: 0997994304
ISBN-13: 978-0997994308

Making the Case for Innocence is available in paperback and eBook for Kindle.
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THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE! Every day innocent citizens are accused of crimes they did not commit . . . some fall further through the cracks of justice into the dark crevasse of wrongful convictions and incarcerations . . . how can this happen? Know how to protect yourself.

Higuera explains the pitfalls of the criminal justice system and why defense investigation is essential in every criminal case . . . even when the client confessed!

Author and Licensed Private Investigator April Higuera takes you behind the scenes of her actual investigations of multiple high-profile homicide cases for defense. Along the way, you’ll join her in uncovering evidence of innocence and corruption.  April lays out the evidence against the accused and her own journey through “the system” as she helps defend otherwise average citizens who are accused of heinous, violent crimes.

Her accounts are TRUE!

Read about these cases:

• Max Roybal: A wife’s jawbone is delivered in a Tupperware container to a local TV station with a map to locate her remains.
• Hope Schreiner: A 73-year-old grandmother is convicted of bludgeoning her husband to death in their driveway with a potato hoe.
• Sedley Alley: The infamous rape-murder of a 19-year-old Marine cadet, who is the daughter of a U.S. Ambassador.

“Through a series of case studies, written more in the style of short stories than the sleep-inducing, dry academic speak of typical post-case-analysis reports, Higuera takes the reader into the grit and grime of murder and mayhem.”
– Hal Humphreys, Executive Editor of Pursuit Magazine

Experience an emotional roller coaster ride as April confronts the corruption and ineptitude that plague our broken justice system, unearthing the evidence that she hopes will set her clients free.

“April takes you on a backdoor ride of the unsung hero as the investigator who deserves the credit for solving crimes and releasing criminally charged innocent men. This book serves all folks involved in the criminal justice system.”
– Mary Lou Wilson, Esq., Post-Conviction Attorney

“Every serious criminal justice major should read this book in order to fully understand their ethical responsibility to their oath of office, the devastating impact faulty investigative assumptions can produce within the legal system, and how justice is truly administered and served by tenacity and determination.”
– Jorey Krawczyn, U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement

An experienced and successful criminal defense investigator, Ms. Higuera outlines her practical guidance for investigation work, why defense investigation is essential in every criminal case (even when a client confesses!). She effectively outlines the official misconduct that pervades our criminal justice system. The author’s anecdotes ring painfully true for the practicing defense investigator. Her stories offer newcomers the "dark side" insight into best practices and methods.

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Professional website: ADH Investigation
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April Higuera 

April Higuera is the owner and principal agent of ADH Investigations, specializing in complex, criminal defense investigation of violent crimes on county, state, and federal levels. She conducts fieldwork investigations and offers consultation nationwide. April also writes on best practices for criminal defense investigation and aspects of the criminal justice system to raise public awareness. Her book, Making the Case for Innocence, self-published Sep. 2016, is receiving rave peer and consumer reviews.




As I write this review, I want to say I’m the mother of an INNOCENT man in prison - I don't even know where to begin. If ONLY we’d known!

As I first began reading "Making A Case For Innocence," all I could think of was "WHY didn't we know we needed a Defense Investigator?" We had no clue there were individuals like April Higuera filling that kind of role in the judicial system - I was literally heartsick as I read and realized how we had failed our son by our ignorance, both of what might have been available to us, and what the truth of the criminal justice system actually is (in our case - a railroad straight to hell with the light at the end of the tunnel approaching quickly.)

<Spoiler Alert> If I was heartsick knowing how we failed our son, I'm heartbroken and sitting here in a state of shock that they executed an innocent man. What on earth is wrong with our criminal justice system? I just don't get it! I'm stomping mad! Furious! I can't wrap my mind around the simple WHY not test the DNA?

The real, average, never been in trouble person out there has NO IDEA how in a single instant their life can be changed forever! Our greatest shock was that we had always believed the police, the prosecutors, and the judges were the good guys.

I just want to say THANK YOU Ms. Higuera for writing ‘Making A Case For Innocence.’ I wish I had millions of dollars to buy and send it to every police officer, prosecutor and judge in this country! Every one of them, and attorneys as well, NEED to read it!

By WishIKnew12on September 24, 2016


In Making A Case For Innocence, criminal defense investigator, April
Higuera shines a bright light on another inconvenient truth; the fact that our justice system is clearly broken and provides very little justice!
Since we cannot begin to find solutions to problems until we acknowledge they exist, this book is a must read.
April has transformed her case histories into many interesting stories that highlight the many problems in dire need of solutions.
Making A Case For Innocence will open eyes to the sad truths of complacency, politics, ego, and greed that are so pervasive in our legal system. Hopefully, it will also open hearts to the critical need to take action in supporting criminal justice reform.
We all need to open our eyes and hearts to the hard truths exposed in this insightful commentary, so I urge you to buy it, read it, and then give a copy to all your friends.

BySharon Riddellon September 22, 2016


Interesting and well written portrayal of Ms. Higuera’s background as a Private Investigator. The book is written as a series of case studies involving investigations in which she has been involved. It is also a fast paced text with many relevant anecdotes from her past experiences, as well as an impassioned plea to level the playing field in the criminal justice system. This document is obviously a passionate piece of work for Ms. Higuera during which she seeks to publicize some of her work as a defense investigator; in particular, capital cases. It is worth the read. In fact, I have already recommended this book to an Attorney client. There are points in the book where one could take issue with some of her categorical statements; but, I believe as a cathartic exercise, this book is valuable. I recommend this book to anyone in the investigative and criminal justice field.
Ms. Higuera has obviously found her niche in life. She is no doubt very good at what she does and she is highly motivated to successfully complete each investigation in which she is involved. She is quick to point out that many police agencies do not conduct a thorough investigation, yet file charges against individuals even though sometimes the evidence points in other directions and at other suspects. Too often, those who should be investigated as a suspect are not. Hence the need for Defense Investigators.
Ms. Higuera correctly points out that in today's world, the media is as much to blame for these wrongful actions as anyone else, bringing unnecessary pressure to bear on the police to solve a crime. Many politicians are similarly to blame, pressuring police agencies for the sake of a photo op and votes.
I have known investigators who live by the same code of ethics as Ms. Higuera; that is to conduct a thorough and fair investigation. Just like Ms. Higuera, their guiding principle is to clear the falsely accused if the evidence leads in that direction. Just as important, also pointed out by Ms. Higuera, if the evidence clearly points in the direction of guilt, then so be it. That’s the way any investigation should be conducted.

By Larry Grosecloseon September 28, 2016


Just finished reading this fascinating book written by April Higuera. An eye-opening look into a world I previously knew nothing about.

Criminal defense investigator Ms. Higuera writes about taking on cases for the defense team in which someone has been charged or convicted of murder. She is hired to help prove their client is not guilty of the crime and goes through her very thorough and organized methods of finding even the most trivial of facts that might shed some light on the matter. In her search, she often finds that her client has indeed been wrongfully accused, through incompetence or corruption by the criminal justice system. Her mission is to find the TRUTH!

April also shares what she is personally and emotionally going through as takes us on this journey. The fear, the nightmare, the frustration, the heartbreak and the satisfaction that a private investigator deals with on a daily basis.

A great read, regardless of your background in life. Check it out!

By Jeff Chamberlainon October 22, 2016

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