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The Woman in White Marble

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As an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist I work with internal parts (my own and those of my clients) with my consciousness seated in my Essential Being which can be called Self or Soul. The Self is described in IFS as possessing 8 qualities that start with the letter "C": Clear, Calm, Compassionate, Creative, Courageous, Connected, Curious, Caring. As I get to know my parts and build a compassionate relationship with them I like to draw them. I also like to draw aspects of my Soul. These two Self Portraits are pencil drawings of my Soul that I drew on days when her presence was round and colorful.

For more information on Internal Family Systems go to Self Leadership.

Gayle Madison


"Vernal Equinox Portrait of My Soul"
March 2009





“Self Portrait, Contemplating My 60 Years"
June 2008