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Relatively Religious
by Peter Brain

Relatively Religious is available through:

Peter Brain served the United Reformed Church in four English cities as an ordained minister for 40 years, after graduating from London and Oxford with degrees in Classics and Theology. That pairing comes through in Relatively Religious which reflects a lifetime of pondering how the two actually fit together to make what we used to call 'western civilisation' until we choked on the phrase. Peter now thinks that more disentangling is required. Not that he blames the apostle Paul for releasing the new faith to fly free from its Jewish roots and settling into a condition of hellenisation; he believes that God had a hand in that then but has moved on now.

Those who love the songs of Sydney Carter may not need to buy this book! It affirms a fiercely relational and non-propositional approach to being a follower of Jesus Christ in this paradoxical world where answers are never absolute but commitment may need to be as total as God's.