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Shobana GomesPoems by Shobana Gomes

Shobana is a poet/writer and the published author of "Imagination Unchained", a book of modern day poetry depicting love, nature, beauty and questions life and its being. She started writing in 2007 after the sudden demise of her brother and has written more than 600 poems to date. Some of her work can be viewed in her blog and on her twitter account @shobanagomes.

She is married with two daughters and currently resides in Malaysia.

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I Cast an Eye

I cast an eye towards that which captured my attention
O its magnificence was profound
The fragrance was of nature
One that's been emulated but none so close

It inspires the air around me
Intoxicating and making me feel its beauty
The freshness just as a spring of water
Gushing Forth from the wells of divinity

I know it will be a past someday
Its freshness gone and its fragrance a thing that once was
But the images and beauty will stay transfixed
In the memories I've stored in my mind A mind

so refreshed and encumbered
I wish I could relive each moment
But life is just like the breeze
You look back and its past
The future uncertain
And living each day the only thing you can grasp..



The Wind Chime

Have you ever listened to the notes of the wind chime?
They dance to the music of the winds and breeze
Breezes that sometimes twirls your tendrils that fall out of place
And create confusion in the locks that fall apart

The soothing sounds echoes in the silence of the distant
Reverberating the air that we breathe
It brings on a smile that speaks with a twinge of gaiety
Making hearts feel light and bright

Sometimes you can hear even magic
Of whispers against the wind that touches those sounds
It makes silence even harder to ignore
It’s a masterpiece created to outdo the musicians
For it’s played by the winds and has no master...




Where does love lead?

From my heart it leads to yours
With mirth of ecstasy and softness
just like the petals of a rose
Scented and full of freshness
With never ceasing beauteous richness

I cherish these moments of renewed vows
When once more we whisper words of love
Just like we did the first time
And feel the surge of bliss and ecstasy
Each time I hear you say to me

‘You, My Valentine
Will never cease to amaze me
With your beauty
You endow me with the gift of love everlasting
So charmed and blest’